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DeFeet da Funk Foot Spray

The solution to your dancer problems!  De-stinkify your feet, shoes, and dance bag with this super strong deodorizing spray formulated especially for those extra stinky dancer feet. It smells so good and is hand-crafted with high quality...

Elly Ballerina Puzzle

For little ones who love to dance, the Elly Ballerina Puzzle is en pointe! This jolie jigsaw comes in a perfectly printed gift box, showing Elly and all of her dancing friends. Each puzzle piece is pretty in pastel colors. Take to the stage and create...

Growing Dancer Height Chart

An outstanding way to track a growing dancer. The chart sticks directly on the wall and is a great accent for any young girls’ room. Measures up to 60” (5 ft)

Suffolk Butt Glue

The perfect solution for keeping costumes and leotards in place. Suffolk's adhesive formula has superior adhesion that leaves minimal residue and washes off with water. It is an exceptional value with a full 2 oz. of product.